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Get Off My Roof - Play Game Online

Get Off My Roof is a game where you take control of an old war veteran and use improvised projectile and melee weapons to help him get swarms of pigeons off his roof!

Removing the pigeons won't be a walk in the park though, because these pigeons are numerous, stubborn and will be using the awesome power of poop to stop you!


Left Mouse: Throw Projectile

Spacebar: Jump

A: Move Left

D: Move Right

W: Swing Melee Weapon

Q: Use Wetnap (Heal one heart)

[1-2]: Switch Projectile Weapon

P: Pause


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linhdv said...

Game bắn chim này cũng vui phết, nhưng càng về sau chơi khó bỏ xừ, hjx không bằng các game online khác rồi bác ơi.

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